Blanko (The Original)



Blanko (The Original)
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Blanko is based on the 'crossword' puzzle principle of combined and intertwined words. Connect words or exchange a letter in a word already on the board to make a new word.

It is especially fun because all your options are open until you play your final word. Accumulate the most points. Build words that have the highest possible numerical value, while covering BLANKO squares on the board for bonus play. There are 5 play options for hours of fun.

For Age 7 and above.

How to Play

1. The starting player places a valid word of at least two letters or more in the centre of the board, covering one of the two BLANKO squares.

2. Add up the total value of the letters.

3. Pick up a BLANKO card and follow the instructions, score the amount of bonus points won.

4. At the end of the turn, refill the rack to 8 tiles, and play continues clockwise.


  • 112 letter tiles (2 are BLANKO jokers)
  • 22 BLANKO cards
  • 1 BLANKO game board
  • 4 tile racks
  • 1 sand timer
  • 1 BLANKO bag
  • 1 instructions sheet



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