Gigo Junior Engineer Construction Machine (160 Pieces)


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Gigo Junior Engineer Construction Machine (160 Pieces)
  • $179.90

A 160-piece plastic construction toys/building toys with 4 basic tools enhancing eye-hand coordination and gross motor skills. 

● Build 88 different models – vehicles, construction machines, furniture and buildings – combining them to make the traffic kingdom!
● Learn how wheels work.
● Stimulate imagination by block building with different shapes.
● Large, colourful plastic building pieces make it easy for small hands to put the models together.

Suitable for Ages 2 and above. 



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There are 88 different models to build centered around themes including land, sea, and air vehicles; animals, architecture, robots, and furniture. Included, are four basic tools, a hammer, screwdriver, clamp, and wrench. Through the process of assembling and reconfiguring the blocks, children will learn to distinguish important aspects of appearance and structure in everyday life. It is intended to develop a sense of shape, colour and imagination.

The large pieces are easy for young hands to manipulate. The set will cultivate an interest in hands-on assembly, inspire imagination and creativity, promote eye-hand coordination, and encourage brain development. The completed models can be used as a decorative art at home. This set provides a variety of components to enable multiple simultaneous constructions. It encourages endless creativity and fosters a confident and optimistic attitude towards the maker-spirit of exploring and practising.

●Fine motor skills
●Eye-hand coordination
●Shape recognition
●Spatial sense

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