Am I A Banana



Am I A Banana
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"Am I a donkey? ...Or perhaps a washing machine?"

Which one of the 80 items could you probably be? The player with the mos skillful questions will find it out first and win. Through different questions come to know which object you have stuck on your forehead with a headband. You must ask one question at a time.

  • This game is all about vocabulary enrichment and thinking on your feet.
  • Help your child learn to ask questions in order to find what the card in your headband shows! You are allowed only one yes or no question at a time, so make sure you ask the right ones.
  • There are over 80 objects on cards for endless rounds of wits and fun.
  • Content : 40 cards, 4 pawns and ribbons in 4 colors.
  • Age 7 and above.

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