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●8 different animal designs with the transparent PP material allows the observation of gears and mac..

●Assemble 10 models plus 7 experiments demonstrating the magic world of electricity and magnetism! ..

Electricity is all around us. Has your child ever wondered why the lightbulb lights up, or why the f..

Build your own Telescope, Binoculars, Microscope, Astronomicl Telescope, Movie Projector, etc. Le..
S$89.90 S$53.90

● Unique gearing system for easy shift of speed and torque, from fast drifting racing car to powerfu..
S$149.90 S$89.90

●20 models to assemble: robot, race car, crane bulldozer etc. ●Infrared-operated technology ●I..
S$139.90 S$83.90

●5 experiments and alternative models may be built by using the set, in order to further explore the..

Engineering Makerspace Geared-up Gadgets!   ● Create a helicopter model with a rotor that..

Remote Control Machines Farm ● Includes 4 models, a Farm Tractor with one of 4 different attachme..

Solar Power 2.0 ​ ● The special solar panel in this kit can generate 3 volts of electricity in b..

  ● 10 experiments allow players to discover the secrets of the air, including the Hovercraf..
S$79.90 S$39.95

●5 experiments allow players to create their favorite cool models. ●The multi-functional motor co..

Expose your children to the wonders of solar energy! With global warming looming over us, it is only..
S$125.90 S$62.95

Product Features Understand the development and application of solar energy in science parks t..
S$86.90 S$43.45

●Endless hours of fun with 22 different models to build, including: plane, helicopter, racing car an..


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