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Product Code: Gigo-7444
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Engineering Makerspace Blast Off!

● Includes 5 models with the theme of “kinetics”
● Models use rubber bands to move.
● A fist slam launcher accelerates the vehicles to high speeds.
● Realistic outer shell designs make the models come alive!

What kind of 5 models?
●Construct a rubber band-powered race car that zooms across the floor.
●Build a catapult and launch objects through the air.
●Set up a launching device that propels a motorcycle across the floor at the push of a lever.
●Build a balancing dragonfly model and a wind-activated sculpture to experiment with forces.

Additional Information: 
Dimensions: 220 x 275 x 60mm
Age: 6 & Above
Models: 5 
​Components: 108




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