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Stick-O Basic Set Magnetic Play (30pcs) | STEM Educational Toy
  • $72.90

Stick-O is the new pre-school construction toy from our award-winning sister brand Magformers. This beautiful creative set features 30 funky, chunky, magnetic sticks, balls and other solid shapes in an ergonomic design specifically engineered for little ones.

The easy to hold pieces make it super-easy for younger children to develop their motor skills through fun construction play.

Just as with Magformers, magnets are safely sealed in every piece and because they rotate poles always connect, making model-building frustration-free for little hands. This 30-piece Stick-O set contains nine different ‘classic’ magnetic Stick-O shapes so kids can make multiple guided models or get super freestyle creative with their own designs.

Suitable for 18months+ | 30 Pieces


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  • Magnets are hidden inside the pieces. 
  • Very simply designed pieces – Stick and Ball.
  • Pieces do not repel each other – Rotating Magnets.
  • Helps to develop visual, touching, and hearing senses.
  • Helps to improve social skills through role-play.
  • Kids can create unlimited builds with Stick-O. 
  • Helps to grow imagination and creativity.

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