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Stick-O Fishing Set Magnetic Play (26pcs) | STEM Educational Toy
  • $69.90
Fishing with a magnetic fishing line? How do you come up with such an idea?
Stick-O is really nice building toy for toddlers aged 18 months and up. Do you remember from your childhood? Hook-a-duck? Well, thanks to this Stick-O Fishing Set your child will experience the same fun and much more “underwater” fun, without the real water, of course.
This set has 26 pieces and 18 different parts. Stick-O can be combined with similar magnetic construction toys.
Suitable for 18months+ | 30 Pieces

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  • Magnets are hidden inside the pieces. 
  • Very simply designed pieces – Stick and Ball.
  • Pieces do not repel each other – Rotating Magnets.
  • Helps to develop visual, touching, and hearing senses.
  • Helps to improve social skills through role-play.
  • Kids can create unlimited builds with Stick-O. 
  • Helps to grow imagination and creativity.

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