Orchard Toys Game - Greedy Gorilla

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Brand: Orchard Toys
Product Code: Orchard-041
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Encourage healthier eating with your child as you play Orchard Toys' Greedy Gorilla Game! In this simple lotto game, use healthy food card to create a nutritiounous meal! However, if you pick up a card with a junk food on it, you must pass it on to the gorilla to make him burp! The first person to fill all their tiles becomes the winner!

Help your child recognise the difference between healthy foods and junk foods, the cards are colour coded! Blue for healthier foods and yellow for junk foods. Also, the Gorilla will make a huge burping noise when a piece of junk food is fed into its mouth, hence players must say "Excuse me!" after the Gorilla has burped, encouraging better manners in the future and in later life!


  • 4 Playing Boards
  • 24 Healthy Food Cards
  • 8 Junk Food Cards
  • 1 Gorrilla Posting Box (Requires 3 AAA 1.5V Batteries, Included)
  • 1 Instruction Leaflet




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