Orchard Toys Game - Pizza Pizza

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Brand: Orchard Toys
Product Code: Orchard-060
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A perfect and fun shape matching game for everyone in the family, introduce to your young children to shapes through bonding game play and absolute fun with Orchard Toys' Pizza, Pizza! The familiar pizza shapes slices and boards will have you and your children wanting more! Spin the double spinner and choose a topping card by colour or shape. The winner is the first person to fill their pizza board, but watch out for the yucky toppings that need to go in the bin!

Unlike most pizza board games, some of the slices of pizza toppings provided aren't the regular tasty toppings that you normally find in pizzas, instead they're absolutely yucky kinds of toppings that need to be placed in the bin! With all kinds of topping cards ranging from healthy toppings to yucky toppings, parents can teach their children all about different foods, healthy and unhealthy and discuss with them what are the right kinds of food that belong on their pizzas!


  • 25 Pizza Shaped Slice Cards
  • 4 Pizza Boards
  • 1 Double Spinner
  • 1 Head Chef Board
  • 1 Instruction Leaflet



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