Orchard Toys Game - Can You Guess

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Product Code: ORCHARD-050
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Using sounds and performance skills get your child and their friends to guess what word and actions you are trying to act and do! Players are required to take turns to spin the spinner and perform either a sound, an action, or do both! The first person to correctly guess the word or action gets a gold star for their efforts. Players then place the used card on their board, before the game play moves on to the next person to act out the next action or sound! The person with the most correct guesses and earns the most gold stars wins the game!

Can You Guess is the perfect performance game to bond with your family, each member having six cards to perform each regardless of the number of stars and correct guesses they have hence there is more than enough turns and fun for everyone! The cards feature emotions, sounds and actions of which the children are familiar with, from animals to sports to even emotions!


  • 4 Jigged Scoreboards
  • 18 Sound Cards
  • 18 Action Cards
  • 10 Performance Cards
  • 24 Star Tokens
  • 1 Spinner
  • 1 Instruction Leaflet



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