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Brand: Magformers
Product Code: MAGF-709007
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  • This is an award-winning magnetic construction toy. Voted Best New Toy at London Toy Fair 2017 in the construction section. Super creative, fun and educational this set contains two different geometric shapes (squares and triangles) plus a 7-colour LED light.
  • The award-winning design and construction of Magformers helps to explore and develop children's creativity. At the core of the company, is the concept of 3D Brain Training – which helps children to develop comprehensive three-dimensional thinking through play.          
  • A step-by-step idea booklet shows what can be built, while the rechargeable USB LED light changes colour and brings all models to life. Makes amazing night lights and great fun on camping trips.
  • Set is compatible with all other original MAGFORMERS shapes and accessories. Use it to add a new dimension to your construction play - especially when adding to other sets.
  • Children can use basic Magformers geometric shapes to create 2D ‘flat’ plans (known as nets), but also 3D figures. It’s very easy to lay Magformers flat, forming a mathematical net, and pull them up to form 3D towers, cubes and other shapes.
  • With Magformers magnetic construction sets, children can make hundreds of models from flowers and animals, to robots and cars and also come up with their own amazing ideas.
  • Magformers pieces contain neodymium Rare-Earth Magnets for guaranteed connectivity. The magnets are safely sealed in each edge, but because they rotate they always attract and never repel - making construction of models quick, easy, fun and creative.
  • Includes 18 squares, 12 triangles, model booklet and a rechargeable LED light block.
  • Pieces are manufactured only for Magformers using BPA Free HQABS Plastic. Magformers has a 100% global safety record and conforms to all major global toy safety directives.
  • For Age 3 & above.



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